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Aris Sabayton

What’s your story?

I play the “man behind the curtain” role when it comes to getting websites up and running. As a former IT instructor, I love this work because it’s challenging and no project is completely the same.

Every day is different, and that keeps my brain happy. I get to take beautiful designs and concepts from my teammates and bring them to life as websites that help our clients showcase their products and services to the world.

Aris Sabayton web developer

What do you love most about what you do?

It’s fun to do something I’m really skilled in. I’ve loved this kind of challenge since my college days and I’m fortunate to get to do it as a career. Plus, this work gives me the freedom to work remotely and stay with my family without compromising quality.

What makes Muletown Digital awesome?

Muletown Digital is all about belonging to a team. Everyone works together, lifting each one of us higher and leaving no one behind.

What’s your biggest personal achievement?

I have a happy, healthy family. Having kids and getting married at a young age, we faced a lot of challenges starting out but we weathered whatever was thrown at us.

What about professional wins?

I started doing Wordpress development as a part-time freelance side gig, and transitioned it into a career that I love. I’ve learned a lot from every person and team I’ve worked with.

What surprises people about you?

I’m a self-proclaimed cook but just for my (not so small) kids. But hey, I get their approval!

What’s one quirky habit you have?

I used to be a photographer, but I hate having my photo taken.

What’s a new skill you would like to learn? How do you want to grow?

I want to dive deeper into coding. It feels like there are infinite new things to learn all the time.

Sounds like you need something for your business? Let’s get started!

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