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What’s the Difference between SEO and PPC?

If you’re thinking about Digital Marketing you’ve likely come across the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). While often lumped together, the way they work is not quite the same.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

We often ask our past clients and those that are interested in working with us at Muletown Digital what their biggest struggle is when it comes to their marketing.

Why Should You Use WordPress for your Business Website

If you’ll allow, let me take you back in time to a place where the NSYNC was popular, the iPod was released and you could store about 40 songs on there, flip-flops were all the rage, and websites were mostly done without a content management system.

The 4 Pillars of SEO

https://youtu.be/1gQePR2WFJg Transcript below: Today, I want to explain to you the four pillars of search…

Keyword Research for Your Website

Do you need to do keyword research in order to have an effective website? Yes, you definitely, definitely need to have someone do keyword research in order for your website to be effective as far…

Troubleshooting Website Support

Have you ever had an issue with your website and you’ve gone to the troubleshooting part and you can’t figure out what’s going on and you just don’t know who to reach out to…

Learn about Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics and do I need that for my website? Google Analytics is a free tool that you can connect to your website that allows you to monitor statistics like how many visitors…

Daily Website Backups

Do you keep daily backups of your WordPress website? One thing that you always should have with a WordPress website or really any website is a daily backup schedule…

What are backlinks and do I need them?

The question for today is “I have heard of backlinks, do I need those?” So backlinks are a whole lot like baby back ribs, you probably want them and you want them to be good, so get them from a, you know…

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