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SEO for $499/Mo

Today on the Muletown Minute, I’m talking about why you need to ignore ads in your Facebook for SEO, for $499 a month.

So if you’ve been on Facebook and ever visited any sort of or ever research, any sort of site or visited learning about SEO, you’re going to get retargeted with ads that tell you $499 a month and you’re going to get ranked number one.

Here’s why. It’s true. They can get you ranked number one. But here’s why you don’t want their ranking, OK? What they do, what these companies do is they will rank you for what we call a “long-tail keyword”, which long-tail keywords are wonderful. They’re easy to get, they are specific. The problem is, a lot of times those long-tail keywords produce very little volume of traffic.

So it’s great if Muletown Digital ranks for SEO and website design company in Columbia, Tennessee, with an owner named Adam. Right. That’s a very specific long-tail key word that I assure you I could rank number one for like this. The problem is that number one ranking will only get one search a month and that’s going to be myself searching to see if I’m ranking number one.

So those articles or those ads are true, but they’re also a lie.

And so don’t get tricked by silly things like that they say, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll get you number one. They will, but it won’t be for anything that’s actually useful for your business if you want to grow your business and you want to do it organically with SEO, do it the right way.

It involves a campaign, a lot of hard work, sweat equity, blood and tears, and a company like us to come partner with you
to actually make it happen for you. So don’t waste your time with those companies. And they’re just going to they’re going to take your money and they’re going to run away three months later. You’ve wasted 1,500 bucks and you still haven’t moved the needle one bit. Don’t fall for those ads.

As always, we wish you the absolute best and we look forward to connecting with all of you.

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