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You know you need a new website...

Small Business Digital Marketing and SEO

Why do you need a full-service digital marketing agency?

Real talk: a website facelift isn’t going to transform your business on its own.

If “new website” is on your list, what you really need is help to attract the right kind of traffic, converting qualified leads, and growing business.

That's where Muletown Digital comes in.


We create a website built for engagement.

To get the most out of your web presence, your site must be well-designed, well-written, and well-built so that your audience not only gets a solid experience that’s consistent with your brand, they also know what to do next. An effective website encourages, convinces, or forces the user to take action: Contact us, sign up, register, donate. Whatever you` want your visitor to do, we make sure it’s a no-brainer.


We bring the right people to it.

It takes more than word of mouth and business cards to get people to your website. So how do we get (and keep) them coming in droves? We deploy a unique-to-you blend of Organic SEO, Local SEO, and Paid Advertising that will attract your specific target audiences.


We never stop adjusting.

Once your site is up and running, we make sure that our work in steps 1 and 2 is paying off. We analyze how people are interacting with your site, what’s bringing them there, and what’s driving them to take action, then we hone in on what’s working to keep growing that success.

Get a FREE audit of your existing website!

We have the ability to take a deep look into your existing website to see how it might be helping (or hurting) your business. Take advantage of our FREE Website Audit today.

Featured Digital Marketing Services

Organic & Local SEO
Paid Traffic (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)
Landing Pages and Lead Funnels
Reputation Management
Mailing List Capture and Nurture Automation
Social Media Planning and Posting

Ready to grow your business?

It all starts with the right website.

If you have an existing website that's up to par then we'll jump right into digital marketing. However, if your website is struggling, all of the marketing work we do will likely have a poor ROI. Let's make sure your website is up for the traffic we'll be sending to it!

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