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Professional Website Design & Development

We believe that your digital marketing journey begins with a professional website design that clearly communicates what you do, who you are, and how your clients can get it!

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Is your website making you money, or costing you money?

Bottom line: your website shouldn't fall into the "expense" category. As a powerful business tool, it should generate revenue right away by drawing in the right types of users. Whether your company grosses $100,000 or over 100M, we meet your business exactly where it is and lead it to where it's ready to go!

Beautiful Website Design
Draw in your target client with clean designs that communicate
Targeted Messaging
Content messaging that positions your brand in front of your competition
Built for SEO out of the gate to drive more of the right kind of traffic
Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) to deliver your experience consistently no matter the users' platform
Custom Web Development
Take advantage of quick updates, fast loading, SEO-boosted custom-built themes

Find out if your website is helping your business.

Our FREE website audit checks the following for your existing website:
  • User Experience: How well does your website translate your message to your visitors?
  • Conversion Optimization: Are your users are converting by checking on calls-to-action?
  • SEO/Online Visibility: How easily are people able to find your site?
  • Security and Performance Check: Is your site safe, secure, and working appropriately?

Muletown Digital Website Audit
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Custom Wordpress for the win!

All of our custom-designed sites are built on the widely used Wordpress platform, so you get the best of both worlds: a completely customized design (no pre-built themes) with a back-end that's secure, SEO-friendly, and easy to use.


  • Easily update your content any time you like (or have us do it)
  • Drive more traffic with Wordpress's SEO-friendly platform
  • Save money on development with plugins
  • Stay safe, secure, and backed up at all times with our care plans

Like what you are seeing? 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to build a website?

    That’s a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house or buy a car. There are a LOT of different ways to handle website creation. So the honest answer is… it depends on your needs, the scope of your project, and what problems we’re solving for you.

    Our projects can range from $3,000 - $50,000 depending on your needs. If you’re serious about doing a deep dive please fill out our website worksheet to start the process!

  • How long does a typical website take from start to finish?

    It depends. Small sites might be up and running in 4-6 weeks, where a larger, more complex site can take much longer. Regardless of your project scope, the sooner we start, the faster we can move your project along while still respecting the creative and research process (trust us, you don't want to rush that part).

  • What do you build your sites with?

    Wordpress, but it might not be the Wordpress you're used to. Many companies use stock or purchased themes, we build our own. Why you might ask? Well because stock or pre-built themes are bloated messes that rarely actually serve your true needs. So we build pretty much everything from the ground up to do exactly what you need it to do. Wordpress is a content management system so you can update your content, it’s very SEO friendly, and it powers a very large portion of business websites currently.

  • What’s the advantage of a custom site over using Square Space, Wix, Weebly, Duda, etc?

    All of the aforementioned products are great products. If you need a quick site on a budget any one of those is a great way to get started. Where these platforms start to generate trouble is on the back-side of your website when you start trying to drive leads with paid traffic (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those platforms have technical limitations that can be very challenging to overcome. Our agency won't even run paid ads to those platforms because oftentimes they are not predictable enough to bank on. So before deciding on a platform, you need to understand the goals of your website. If it's a portfolio website that never needs any traffic, you can really do that any way you like. If you're looking for your website to work FOR your business, these platforms will struggle to hit the target for you.

    For more information check out our article Premium Themes VS Custom Themes VS Builders VS Everything.

  • What if I want to write all my own content - is that okay?

    The short answer is NO. While many of our clients are actually in marketing and are using our services to build their sites we still insist that we provide the majority of the content and have a content strategist on your project. There are things we can’t make up - like in-depth technical information about your services, etc. We always need you to contribute and provide assistance, assets, sales-sheets, and other content, however, we always organize and present that content through a content specialist to ensure your story is told, your audience is reached, and your goals are met. The enemy of conversion is noise and we hope that you'll trust us to reduce the noise and make your website clear and effective.

  • How do you handle design and site revisions?

    We plan for some revisions, but our process works out that you’re incrementally approving work. We don’t show up one day after weeks of not talking to you and say “here it is - we hope you love it”. You’re approving things in bite-sized pieces so that we’re sure we’re always on target.

  • What if we don’t have the budget for a completely custom site? Do you have any other options or alternative suggestions?

    Yes. We will always be able to point you in the appropriate direction. You still need to fill out our WEBSITE WORKSHEET - if you select under $10k as the budget option you're looking at more of a Small Business website solution. Our Small Business websites are not very different from our custom, but a small change in approach helps businesses that don't have a big business budget to get a rock-solid solution to their needs.

  • How often do you typically communicate with us during a project phase?

    Frequently. Our project managers will be in fairly constant communication with you. There are times that you will be in contact with different members of our team. We operate a lot like an assembly line. Our project manager is the warehouse manager in the line, and each of our experts does a specific job for you. When you need to talk to the experts we are there for you. We always honor our clients' time by communicating exactly how much we need to without overwhelming you.

  • How large of a project can you handle?

    Fairly large. Our team builds websites that push up into the 6-figure mark in both design and technology. We’ve also built very small sites for startups. We’re proud of all the sites that we work on - large and small. If you’re building a SAAS company and need 900 hours of our time, that might be pushing our team, but in general, we’ll let you know our capacity upfront once we determine the scope of your project. If it's too big for us, don't worry, we have friends with even more resources than we have and we'll gladly connect you when necessary :)

  • Will my site work the same in every browser?

    Not exactly the same. We don’t hold back on technology due to old browsers. We support all modern browsers - but every browser works slightly differently. So we will enhance your sites for the browsers that can handle it, and progressively drop things off that the older browsers cannot handle. So - we’re about 90% the same from browser to browser - but there are variances and any company that says that can solve that for you would be building you a site that didn’t push any boundaries, we live to make things better!

  • Can we host and maintain our site with Muletown Digital?

    Why yes, yes you can :) - by allowing us to Host and Maintain your website you’re basically protecting your investment. Nobody should spend lots of money building a super-powered website and then let it run at 30% capacity. Shared hosting is the worst thing you can do for converting visitors into users. Also - sites can get hacked - we work very hard to prevent that, but the best part of prevention is daily backups, which we keep. So your site is safe, secure, fast, and lasts a super long time.

  • Can we update/edit our website after it goes live?

    Yes - absolutely. We make our websites very easy to update and maintain. If you're using your website properly you'll want to be adding articles, we'll be doing ongoing SEO and other marketing efforts with you, so making easy updates is key to continuing to drive leads on the site without having to spend a fortune to make small updates.

Are you ready to start attracting users to your website? We’d love to connect with you to see how we can guide you on your journey to success!

Digital Marketing Services

We're going to be 100% honest here: just having a better website will not transform your business. You need to have targeted traffic coming to your site for it do its job properly. Digital Marketing typically encompasses:

  • Paid Ads (Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Local and Organic)
  • Mail List Automation
  • So much more...
Let us provide a customized plan for your business!


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