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Website Care Packages

Allow our continued expert support to keep your website running smoothly and your business growing.

Unlimited Website Content Updates

Unlimited Content Updates

Your time as a business owner is limited and so we offer a way for Muletown Digital to handle making those updates to your website for you. We can typically even do them same-day unless you’re asking at 6pm on Friday, in which case, we’re likely eating queso and chips.​

WordPress Tune-Ups

Every month we take care of a plethora of technical needs on your website from maintaining the WordPress Core, Plugins, and your Custom Theme. We check for and remove malware, we ensure that nothing is slowing your site down, and can often even fix problems before you’d ever see them on your site. We want your investment to keep working FOR you! Also, who knows what movie made the word “plethora” famous?

Website Hosting

A slow website will literally kill your business. Google confirms this for us frequently when we’re doing website audits for potential clients. A bounce rate above 50% is damaging to your business and typically that is caused by your users sitting there waiting for your website to load. While we do everything we can to build them in a fast framework, it will ultimately boil down to your servers’ ability to respond to the requests. Don’t let a slow server slow your growth. - Muletown Buildout

Package Options

Bare Necessities


  • Quarterly Wordpress Tune-Ups
  • Cloud Backups (Daily)
  • Priority Support
  • Performance Reports (Quarterly)
  • Premium Plugins ($500/mo value)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Content Updates ($100/hr)
  • Malware Removal ($100/hr)
  • CDN for Speed (starting at $10/mo)
  • Speed Optimizing
  • Heatmap Reports



  • Monthly Wordpress Tune-Ups
  • Cloud Backups (Daily)
  • Priority Support
  • Performance Reports (Quarterly)
  • Premium Plugins ($500/mo value)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Content Updates ($100/hr)
  • Malware Removal ($100/hr)
  • CDN for Speed (starting at $10/mo)
  • Speed Optimizing
  • Heatmap Reports

Power Performance


  • Monthly Wordpress Tune-Ups
  • Cloud Backups (Daily)
  • Priority Support
  • Performance Reports (Monthly)
  • Premium Plugins ($500/mo value)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Content Updates
  • Malware Removal (FREE)
  • CDN for Speed (FREE)
  • Monthly Speed Optimizations (FREE)
  • Heatmap Reports (FREE)

Website Care Package FAQs

Why do I have to maintain my website?

All great cars require oil changes and brake jobs to keep them running, a Tune-up is just that for your website. We go under the hood to make sure everything is working properly, and if something is wrong, we let you know before it ends up broken, or worse, leaving your business stranded.

How do UNLIMITED content updates work?

A content update to your website is something that would typically take our team less than 30 minutes to do. You can send us as many of those as you'd like during the month and we'll take care of them for you.

Things that quality would be posting a blog, updating content on a page, additional images into a gallery, adding FAQs, removing a team member, adding an item to your online store, etc. This does NOT include any sort of graphic design or finding of images. You'll need to provide those items to our team for us to take care of your updates.

To get an update you'll simply email us the request to and we will take care of your request usually within 2 working days.

NOTE: If we see something in your ticket that looks like it's additional like making a new section on your page that will require one of our designers/developers we will let you know an estimate up-front to take care of that for you!

What is involved in a Tune-Up?

Here's all of the magic...

  1. Create an immediate backup of your website.
  2. Install the latest version of the Wordpress Core.
  3. Update all Plugins that are compatible with the WP Core we’re using.
  4. Update all Themes.
  5. Check your custom theme for conflicts.
  6. Check your console for any coding issues or security issues.
  7. Scan for malware.
  8. Test the visual appearance of your website.
  9. Redeploy your upgraded site back to the production servers.
  10. Test your main contact form.
  11. Dance Party... or... queso time?

Can't I just do a Tune-Up myself?

You definitely could, but we don't recommend it, and it's not because we want your money. The truth is that even the BEST build website will often have security issues because much like our environment, the website world does not stay the same for very long. We have special tools that make this process smooth and the knowledge of what to do when it doesn't go as planned.

Could my website still be hacked?

We build these care plans to try to avoid that happening to your website and your business, however, it does happen. Sometimes you can be a target of an exploit that is unknown at the time that we’re doing maintenance on your website. If that does happen we will be by your side to solve your issues. We’ll make sure we get your site restored to a recent backup and that the malware is removed and any holes are patched. If your site needs further assistance or something replaced we'll be by your side to make it easy for you!

How do you store backups?

Our backups are stored in a cloud, we also have a local version of your website. So at any given time, there are actually 3 versions of your site that we can pull from should there be an issue.

How does support work?

If you are on one of our Website Care Packages you have access to our support team and if you need any additions to your website not covered in your care package (a new page, something cool) you're locked into our $100/hr rate. Keep in mind that customers that do not keep a care package with us are in line way behind you :)

If you have issues, questions, or need a chance to your website you’ll email us to - it’s red-flagged on our end and we will respond with you as immediately as possible. If it’s after hours and your site is down - we already know about it - because we monitor our websites - and we’re already likely working on a fix to the issue.

Do you provide hosting for our email addresses?

We focus solely on the power and ability of your website and because of that we do not provide email services through our hosting platform. We highly recommend using Google G-Suite or Microsoft 365 Business email to provide powerful and reliable email servers. You may also look to your domain name registration company for their hosted email as an option as well. We are happy to provide assistance in the setup and creation of your email platform through your chosen provider at your standard hourly rate of $100/hr.

What types of websites can Muletown Digital host?

We focus on Wordpress websites ONLY at this time. If you have a static website we're happy to offer these services above but they would be slightly limited due to your platform. If you're using Drupal, Joomla, Wix, SquareSpace or something like that unfortunately we cannot service you at this time.

Do we have to host our website with Muletown Digital?

Our hosting services are provided to give your website peak performance and security, but there are times when a site literally needs dedicated servers or you’re stuck in a contract you can’t break. If your host is compatible with our services we’re happy to maintain your site for you. Please let us know in the contact form your hosting provider and we will contact them to make sure our services are compatible with their platform.

Some hosting companies we've worked with... FlyWheel, WP Engine, Bluehost, Dreamhost, JustHost, Cloudways, 1 and 1, Site Ground, and many more.

Is there a migration charge to move my hosting to Muletown Digital?

Nope. No. Definitely not. We provide a FREE one-time migration of your site to our servers. If you’re building a site with us we’re of course planning on deploying on our servers, however, if you’re just wanting to have us take care of your site - it is totally free to move it.

How does billing work?

We’ll set you up on an auto-payment through our accounting software and you’ll be billing on whatever date of the month we start service until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by emailing us to - we will NEVER hold your website hostage. If you fail to pay within 30 days and we’ve notified you to the best of our ability, we reserve the right to provide you with a backup of your site and remove it from our servers.

Do you have any restrictions on the content we can host?

We require you to comply with our content rules, while we do not actively govern your website content, we also do NOT allow the hosting of pornographic, racist, sexist, or violent materials. Keep it business here folks. Likely if you're working with us, we've chosen to work with you, and this will not be an issue. If we are made aware of any issues with compliance on this we reserve the right to provide you a site backup and shut you down. Please don't do this.

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