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CK Health and Fitness

Bringing health and fitness front of mind.

Solution: A creative new logo and website that captures the importance of health and fitness.

Fitness and Health Coach Website Desktop
Fitness and Health Coach Website - Mobile Views
Fitness and Health Coach Website Icons

"My experience with Muletown Digital has been wonderful! Right from the beginning, the MTD team asked all the right questions to learn about both my target audience and me as a personal trainer in Columbia. They were able to offer a powerful yet budget-friendly solution that they call Muletown Express. From there they guided me throughout the entire process. The team supported and educated me from content creation through design and development. Even the QA process was easy and fun (they call it "Bug herding"). I appreciated them filling in the blanks on questions that I had along the way. While the process and ultimately the site have been more than I could have asked for, the real value has been the relationship that I've built with the team. They truly care about their clients. Since we launched the site, I've been able to easily update content and the performance has been much better than the last hosting service I used. Many thanks to my Muletown Digital family!"

- Chris Keseling (Owner and Coach)
Fitness and Trainer Website Services

An immediate showcase of Services


We created a custom page that showcases an overview of services offered that can also be edited when needed. Each snapshot leads to its own page, giving the visitor an opportunity to learn more about the service.

Fitness and Trainer Website Podcast

A place to house “Small Steps Toward BIG Change” - CK Health and Fitness’ NEW Podcast


We designed a custom podcast page that guides you around the most recent episodes, previous episodes, transcripts and more.

Fitness and Trainer Website Application

An easy way to start a 1-on-1 fitness journey


We used a global APPLY TODAY call to action in the navigation for easy access throughout the website. This APPLY TODAY page leads the user through a strategic process. First, they will be able to review an initial checklist to ensure they’re likely to be a good candidate. Then they will complete a user-friendly form, providing important information to Chris. Finally, a call will be scheduled to begin the journey.

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