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Grow your business with a new website that attracts and engages your ideal customers to your physical or virtual doorstep.

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Don’t Sell Your
Business Short

Is your existing website causing you to…

Start Growing Your Business Today

Muletown Digital will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your website actually works for your business. No more high bounce rates. No more low Google rankings. No more time-wasting and hair-pulling trying to attract people to your website.

Focus on your

You have better things to do than figure out how to do it yourself.

Connect with your ideal customers.

Get more quality customers ready to reach out to your business.

Outshine your competitors.

With unique designs, well-written copy, and on-point SEO rankings, there is no stopping you.


Years of Experience Helping Businesses Succeed

Every small business owner deserves to have a great website and the amount of traffic they need to build and market their business online.

Our team focuses on helping business owners attract the right kinds of visitors to their business, and convert those visitors into paying customers.

Now, you can leverage our team to help your business thrive in your market.

Four Steps to a Better Website

1. Schedule a Call

Our teams will have an in-depth discussion so we understand the very specific needs of your business and can customize the best solution for you.

2. Create Your Website

Allow us to write, design, and develop a beautiful, well-branded business website, to help you connect with your ideal customers.

3. Optimize Your Presence

We make sure your website loads super fast and drives your user to connect with your business.

4. Launch and Celebrate

Now that your website is live, you can start to utilize it to connect with your clients. Take a second to celebrate.

Then let’s get back to work!

More than a digital business card.

In today’s online world, you need WAY more than just a simple website to compete in any marketplace. With hundreds of sites going live in your area weekly, the competition is stiff. We can help you make sure you’re on the top side of it!

More powerful than
word-of-mouth advertising.

Word of mouth is awesome and highly unpredictable. Not only that, but it’s hard to control what people might sell for you. It’s always better to have a strategic target that you’re aiming at, where you are in control of your business and the types of jobs that you take on.

We don’t waste your time.

Typically, we can get you online using less than 3 hours of your valuable time. Some businesses are inherently more organized than others, but we try to make it simple, fast, and painless.

An investment, not a sunk cost.

It’s true that up-front there is always a cost, and if you’re doing it right, you should be working every single month to make sure your business is ranking on Google. Over 90% of interactions now start with a Google search. When you’re investing in a great website, and you’re investing in your customers’ experience, you’re investing in your business. 

Start building the website your business needs today!

Have an existing website where every change is like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole?

Find out how our expert team at Muletown Digital can grab that fluffy mallet for you and make your website maintenance a dream.

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Website Performance Evaluation Example

Is your website lazy?

A lazy website not only costs you money to maintain but also squashes an unreal amount of opportunity for your business.

Our Website Performance Evaluation gives business owners like you a clear, detailed picture of how well your website is performing for your business and an action plan for making it work even harder.