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Please read the following conditions to make sure that we’re a great fit for your business before we get rolling!
Muletown Digital clients MUST

Be Goal Oriented

We’re not saying you have to have everything figured out and be making millions every year, but if you don’t know where you’re heading, it’s very hard for us to serve your business. So be prepared to nail down clear and concise goals if you haven’t already done so.

Know your audience

If your business is not already tailored to fit a specific client avatar you have to be prepared to work with us to clearly define who your audience is and how to best communicate with them. Your audience is a key factor in website content, design, and implementation.

Find Joy

Not every single business venture out there involves jumping out of planes or running with bulls, but we really only work with clients that are more excited about their business than we are. We bring energy to every project, but we can’t carry the torch for you, so we’re looking for clients who have a great deal of passion for their business.

Accept Challenges

Not everything comes easily, especially when you’re trying to build your business online. Some parts of the process are tough, but if you’re willing to accept the challenge, we promise to be there by your side guiding and pushing you, if you’re willing to go at it, so are we!

Have a Budget

Muletown Digital does not cut corners or build crummy projects. We’re not saying you have to sell your first-born child or eat ramen for 2 years to pay for your project, but you do need to have some budget in order for your website to actually do a job for you.

Have Time

Working with us is not a situation where you just hand us your 10 year old website content and Harry Potter swishes a wand and your business is soaring. It takes work, we will do EVERYTHING we can from our side, but it takes a time commitment from you to accomplish any sort of online goals. If that doesn’t worry you, you’re in the right place.

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