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Our Web Design Process

Our streamlined process keeps you involved, in the know, and informed every step of the way.



After you have filled out your project application we will schedule a call with you to discuss your exact needs. After the call, we will do any necessary research into your business and market which will allow us to present a proposal. Our proposals are real working solutions to the problems your business is facing with regards to its online presence.


After our proposal is signed we always begin the process with another call where we fill in any gaps remaining from our discovery call. This is the part where we dive into your content strategy, your customers and end up with a working sitemap and content outline.


A website prototype is a black and white version of your website. It’s sometimes called a wireframe. We will take real content and organize it into an interactive version of your website before we actually design or build anything. This helps us establish that the content and messaging is doing the job it’s meant to do, and helps us organize before we start to build. Think of this like the blueprints for a house, it’s not colorful, but without it you’re in trouble :)


If you already have a brand guide then we will apply that to your website. If you do not, we'll likely need to start with your brand at whatever capacity makes sense with your budget and goals. Then we take the interactive prototype from above and start adding design elements to your website. This includes typography, brand colors, logos, imagery, and all of the things that make your brand special. We focus on exactly HOW your users will use the site and what we want them to be able to do and design a site that guides your users from start to finish.


This is the part where we actually build the prototype into an active website. We almost always use Wordpress to build your website. But we don’t use crappy stock themes with bloated code and a bunch of junk, we custom build everything from the ground up to suit the needs of your website. In the end you have an SEO-friendly website that you can edit at your leisure without fear of breaking your site. Your site will work in all modern browsers, Desktop, Tablet and mobile. We test everything before you ever see it to ensure it works perfectly! We also establish an SEO baseline for you to get started with in this phase of your website process.


Once we have your blessing, we will move to a launch date. We will prepare everything and start migrating your site live on the specified day. Reminder that it can take 24-48 hours from the time we start until it’s actually live due to DNS and the way that the internet works. We get your site live, submit your sitemap to Google on your behalf, setup Analytics and Google Console, and test everything on the live website. Then - of course - we CELEBRATE :)

Drive Leads

Digital Marketing for the win! Now that we have a website that will tell your brand story and convert your visitors into customers, you need a plan that will drive users to your website. Muletown Digital combines paid traffic with organic and local search engine optimization (SEO), to drive the right types of customers into your lead funnel. This is where you'll really start to see your business grow!

Analyze & Adapt

Your website and digital marketing strategy should really NEVER stay the same for very long. Your business changes, your customers change, your products and services change, and therefore your digital strategy should also constantly evolve to meet your needs.

Are you ready for your brands next step? We’d love to help!

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Website Performance Evaluation Example

Is your website lazy?

A lazy website not only costs you money to maintain but also squashes an unreal amount of opportunity for your business.

Our Website Performance Evaluation gives business owners like you a clear, detailed picture of how well your website is performing for your business and an action plan for making it work even harder.