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We turn designs into reality with custom code.
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Custom Website Development

Our development team at Muletown Digital lives, eats, and breathes custom website development. We are able to take your website design from a static concept and turn that into an active machine for your Nashville business.

Our team is specifically focused on website development. That allows us to bring an amazing amount of talent and focus on creating the code that creates your marketing opportunities. 

We also test everything before we deploy to production, ensuring that everything looks and functions appropriately.

Crushin' it with Code

Even though website development boils down to 1’s and 0’s in the land of programming, it can have a major impact on your business.

Code is the lifeblood of your website, and everything that it does is traced back to lines of code.

web development Nashville

Custom WordPress for the win!

All of our custom-designed sites are built on the widely used Wordpress platform, so you get the best of both worlds: a completely customized design (no pre-built themes) with a back-end that’s secure, SEO-friendly, and easy to use.


Before we can build your site, we need to make it beautiful!

Check out our web design services and get the entire package from start to finish – done for you – done right!

Other Services Related to Web Development

Our team is at an expert web development level. With a combined experience level of 20 years, our dev team have seen and built it all.

Custom Wordpress Development

Our team will typically develop enterprise-level WordPress sites. Allowing you freedom and scalability forever!

Mobile-Friendly Development

Since so many visitors now are on mobile devices, you need to be sure your site will look awesome anywhere it’s viewed!

Frontend Development

Our front-end developers handle building your designs in pixel-perfect mode. Building an amazing website requires an excellent framework.

Backend Development

Our team can develop custom plugins, Elementor Widgets, API connections, and more. We are highly skilled in many languages.


We work primarily with custom WooCommerce installations in WordPress to make the selling online process simple.

Custom Intake Forms

Intake forms and scheduling applications require special work to automate and connect. Let our team return hours to your day!

API Integrations

Have a specific API that we need to connect to? We can do it! We work with all sorts of APIs and can write custom approaches for your team.

Security Implementation

If you need SSL installed on your website or secure website hosting, our team has you covered. Security is often ignored but so important!

Website Speed Optimization

We can help you optimize your website for SEO by implementing our speed optimization process. Get your site loading under 2 seconds and win!

Need some help with your website development?

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Our Top Web Development FAQs

What language or software is your team proficient in?

For full website builds our team primarily works with WordPress. We develop custom themes, custom plugins, and adapt other themes and plugins for specific uses for our customers.

We frequently work with HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Restful API, WooCommerce, Javascript libraries including jQuery, Angular, and more.

We’ve built large scale front-end frameworks, enterprise-level custom themes, and web applications for many types of applications.

Do you guys do website hosting and technical work?

Yes, we have a specifically dedicated hosting setup for our clients or anyone that are using WordPress as their CMS platform. We do not do any hosting for custom applications, we would recommend a vendor based on the application.

We can also troubleshoot issues on your website. We’re experts and finding and removing malware, fixing hosting errors in other providers, working with existing website code frameworks and themes.

What is the development process like?

Our team will take the given web design and build out the framework needed to execute the project. During the development phase of our projects, our team is pretty quiet.

We handle all of our own quality assurance checking before it ever reaches the clients. We try to eliminate errors before they are visible.

Then we are always around for changes and additions as required. 

How does support work once my project goes live?

For any of our clients running on one of our website care plans, our development team is available via ticket. If the ticket requires that we hop on a call, we can absolutely do that. We start everything with an email ticket to allow our team to gather the details needed to address the issues at hand.

If you are NOT a care plan customer, we can still look at your issues, please email [email protected] and we’ll take a look for you.

Is there anything you won’t develop on?

Here are some platforms that our team does not work with…

  • iOS and Andriod native applications. 
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Shopify (we can troubleshoot but will not use as a platform)
  • React applications (we have a great referral for you)
  • ASP or ASPX

If all of that sounds like a bunch of foreign languages, it’s okay. We’ve got you. Hit us up and we’ll see if we can help you.

What makes our team unique?

  • While our developers are definitely smart folks, we all know how to explain things in human terms. That’s really important on a complicated project where our developers can speak directly to our clients. That’s really helpful!
  • We have specific developers for specific things. We have front-end specific developers, as well as developers that handle big back-end integrations, and API calls. This allows us to be awesome at everything since we have more than 1 resource.
  • We’re a lot of fun to work with. Because we manage our own projects, you get to relax and enjoy the process. Never worry that your project is sitting there unattended to, we’re always working, and we’re transparent about where we are in the process. It’s hard to find that in development teams these days.
  • We care about you. The code is awesome, and we love to code. But our clients are human beings, and we actually care about your business. That eliminates budget shortcuts and the junk other places do to keep costs down. Trust us, we’re here for your benefit!

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