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Attracting the right kinds of customers to your business starts with the perfect web design.

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Muletown Digital helps businesses grow by always starting with the main component of your online presence… your website!

Our team works in a full-service manner with your business to create your brand (visual and verbal identity), content strategy, and ultimately design the perfect website for your business.

Every website design we do comes with a moodboard, interactive prototype, Desktop / Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) design, and are made development-ready for our team to build for you.

Is your website making you money, or costing you money?

How does custom web design help your business?

Bottom line: we believe that your website should not fall into the expense category. A properly branded, designed, and developed website will help you…

  • Position your brand effectively against your competition.
  • Communicate with your customers no matter what device they are using. It will look good everywhere!
  • Your web design will have visual brand foundations you can carry across into other forms of marketing (Digital or Physical).
  • Attract your ideal customers into your business by using visuals to pull them into investing in your brand.
  • Grow your business in amazing new ways. That’s right – we said it – great design will help your business grow!

Our goal is to help your business tell a unique story to your ideal customers, attract them to your website, and help you convert those visitors into customers.

It all starts with a strategic website design process!

Our Website Performance Evaluation can show you where your website falls short.

See How a New Web Design Can Benefit Your Business!

Connect with our team to see how we can partner with you do make something incredible together.

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Other Services Related to Web Design

There’s a lot more to a great website than the design. Your design will often encompass a mix of the following services.

Sitemap and Website Structure

Our team will dig deep into your business to figure out exactly what your website needs to be effective. Great plans lead to great projects.

Content Strategy

We will plan and execute all of the content on your website. From text and copy to sourcing the right images, our team is there for you.

Responsive Website Design

Mobile and Responsive Design are not only ranking factors on Google but they are important because about 50% of traffic online is now mobile!

UI/UX Design

Everything we design has a purpose. Our goal is to get your users to interact with you and your website so it’s designed with purpose.

Website Animations

We will find gentle and sensible ways to include motion and animation into your website design. This helps guide users around your pages.

Custom Landing Pages

Running a Google AdWords or Facebook paid campaign? We can provide you with an awesome landing page to help you convert optimally!

Want to read more about how our team will help you succeed?

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Our Top Web Design FAQs

What is a Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design is a design process where your website will work across all platforms no matter how wide (or narrow) the screen size is. We design all of our websites with mobile devices in the front of our minds. That’s crucial because over half of the internet traffic in 2020 is coming from mobile devices.

Gone are the days where you have a Desktop site and a Mobile website. We design them in combination to work properly and be optimized for all mediums.

How does an interactive prototype work?

Interactive Prototypes exist to help you interact with your website structurally and with the actual content in place before we start designing. Our customers often struggle to understand website content in a document (we feel the same when it comes to our own site).

In order to make this easy, you’ll be able to interact with your website before we start putting colors, images, type, and all the fanciness to it. That means we get the structure correct out of the gate. We build the foundation, and then we make it beautiful.

How much does it cost to build a new website?

That’s a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house or buy a car. There are a LOT of different ways to handle website creation. So the honest answer is… it depends on your needs, the scope of your project, and what problems we’re solving for you.

Typically our projects can range from $3,000 – $50,000 depending on your needs. Remember that includes a lot more than just web design. If you’re serious about doing a deep dive please fill out our website worksheet to start the process!

What happens after the web design process is completed?

After your website design is complete, we send it off to our web development team to have it built. While our team can just design your site and hand it over, our development team works closely with our design team to ensure your project turns out perfectly.

Most of the time our team handles everything for you for the whole project. Design and content are phase 1 elements, then we go to build, and then we can pick up your marketing from there.

Do I have to write my own content for the website?

While many of our clients are actually in marketing and are using our services to build their sites we still insist that we provide the majority of the content and have a content strategist on your project. There are things we can’t make up – like in-depth technical information about your services, etc.

We always need you to contribute and provide assistance, assets, sales-sheets, and other content, however, we always organize and present that content through a content specialist to ensure your story is told, your audience is reached, and your goals are met. The enemy of conversion is noise and we hope that you’ll trust us to reduce the noise and make your website clear and effective.

Can our team update our website after it goes live?

Yes – absolutely. We make our websites very easy to update and maintain. If you’re using your website properly you’ll want to be adding articles, we’ll be doing ongoing SEO and other marketing efforts with you, so making easy updates is key to continuing to drive leads on the site without having to spend a fortune to make small updates.

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Is updating your website like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole?

Find out how our expert team at Muletown Digital can grab that fluffy mallet for you and make your website maintenance a dream.

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Is your website lazy?

A lazy website not only costs you money to maintain but also squashes an unreal amount of opportunity for your business.

Our Website Performance Evaluation gives business owners like you a clear, detailed picture of how well your website is performing for your business and an action plan for making it work even harder.