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Maury County Prevention Coalition

Making Prevention Possible in Maury County

Solution: A new brand and easy to navigate website to showcase addiction prevention resources and community stories.

  • Custom Logo
  • Color palette and usage guide
  • Design Wireframes
  • Content Planning
  • Website Design
  • Website Development (Wordpress)
  • Website Training
  • Ongoing Site Updates
  • SEO Baselines
  • Dedicated Hosting and Maintenance
Non Profit Website - Desktop View of Homepage
Non Profit Website - Mobile View
Non Profit Website - Tablet View

"Thank you again to Adam Silverman and the team at Muletown Digital for the amazing website!!"

- Kimberly Ladd (Creator of Non-Profit)
Non Profit Website - Stories Desktop and Mobile Views

A way to share local stories of addiction and recovery from the Maury County Community


We created a custom page that holds an overview of all of the stories that can be added and/or changed when needed. Each of these snapshots leads to their own individual page, giving the viewer an opportunity to read the entire story.

Non Profit Website - Resources

Easy access to resources


We created an entire page specifically to showcase important resources within the community, as well as other resources not specific to Maury County.

Non Profit Website - Homepage Example

Jaw-dropping statistics


Bold intro statements and plenty of places to provide statistics in a meaningful way.

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