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Difference Between Organic and Local SEO

Today on the Muletown minute, I want to explain to you the difference between organic and local SEO.

So people often bundle organic SEO and local SEO into one mish-mash bucket, and it’s true that they are both actually related to each other. However, it is also true that they are somewhat different things. So it’s a little confusing but I want to explain.

So when you search for terms in Google, some terms more often than not nowadays, Google will try to find local signals that relate to those terms. So if you’re searching for something obvious like a restaurant, it’s immediately going to know you actually are looking for a restaurant that’s probably near you. So it pulls up the map, right? If you search for muffler shop, same thing. But if you search for, you know, what is a router, you’re not going to get local signals from that because what is a router? 

You might get results for where you could buy a router. But most likely you’re going to get this list of a bunch of blog articles
of people explaining what a router is. That last one is an organic search. The first two would be local searches.

So sometimes they do interweave where you might search for something like tire repair. Nashville, right. Again, you’re specifying the location, but it’s crazy because Google most of the time knows where you are. So especially on your mobile device, it absolutely knows where you are. And it’s going to try and target you locally. So the thing is, your Google, my business, your reviews, your citations, those things build your local SEO, you’re on-site and off-site SEO as well as, you know, all the things you do actually developed into your website. Those contribute to your organic SEO. And often the marriage of those two things has great, great power in your business, especially if you happen to sell in more than one location. It’s marrying those two things together that build your business up and help people find you.

So remember, local is literally local. It means that it is a local signal that is pointing to your business in its specific location against where your the person is searching from. If you’re searching organic, it’s all about how much authority your site has and how high up the rankings you’re going to be. And it just depends on your needs of your business, which one you need.

Most people need a mixture of both, and they do work together,
but they are also sort of very separate pieces of SEO that both should be addressed really at the same time. I know that’s a really confusing concept, but a lot of people confuse it.

So just remember, local is local. Organic means everywhere.

I hope this helps you guys and I hope
we get to connect with you soon.


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