Google Analytics: Is It Important & Why Do You Need It?

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What is Google Analytics and do I need that for my website?

Google Analytics is a free tool that you can connect to your website that allows you to monitor statistics like how many visitors you get and what pages they go on and what device they’re using and where they’re from and what pages they came in on or exited off of.

And those types of statistics. The answer is almost every website should have some sort of analytics hooked up to it. If you’re one of those people that just launched a website and you don’t know if you’re running analytics, you should find out because historical data and analytics builds up, of course, over time.

And you don’t want to wait until you’re starting to run SEO campaign to go. I wonder if I’m getting any traffic. You really want to know what traffic you’re getting and what they’re doing on your website when they’re there, and most importantly, you want to look at things like bounce rate to see do 90 percent of the people just visit your site and leave?

Do they take action? They’re like, what are they doing at your site and how is your site performing from an analytics standpoint?

So if you look at analytics and you’ve only got one hundred users a month and you’re not getting a lot of leads, it would tell you that an SEO campaign is probably going to help your business.

If you’re looking, you’re seeing tons and tons of traffic, but no sales that might tell you that you’re having a problem with your website or it’s not converting well from traffic to people signing up for whatever the thing that you have on your site to offer is. So you definitely want to hook up Google Analytics.

It is one of the steps that we take with every SEO campaign that we run.

We will hook it up. We’ll ask you if you have it. If not, we’ll set it up. But if you can set it up for yourself, it’s very easy to do it. Believe it’s you can create a free account there, sign up with your Google address, get that implemented in your website and at least start to collect data about how your customers use your site. That information is the key to making changes that benefit your business in the future.

So hook up the analytics. If you don’t know how and you need help, hit us up at [email protected] we will gladly run through that for you.

Hook it up to your site, get you running, but you should definitely be analyzing that data. It will tell you so many things about how people use your website.

Thank you so much and let us know if we can help you.

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