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Teresa White

What’s your story?

I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the shop—making sure that our clients feel seen, heard, and supported. And beyond keeping up with their stories and anticipating their needs, I get to dream big when it comes to designing and refining our entire customer experience.

I’m all about making business more relational and less transactional. Over the last 20+ years, I’ve not only worked with CEOs, small business owners, and entrepreneurs; I’ve worn all of those hats as well. My role at Muletown is to be an ambassador and client advocate, pouring my experience and energy into building productive relationships and helping people problem-solve so that all of our work together is successful.

Teresa White

What do you love most about what you do?

Basically, I’m the built-in “digital marketing mom” for our clients, whether we’re actively working on a website or staying on top of their needs in between projects. I get to cheer folks on, remind them to pack a jacket, and be there with a virtual diagonal-cut grilled cheese whenever they need an ear.

What makes Muletown Digital awesome?

 I’ve worked with core members of this team in different iterations for almost a decade, and there’s a reason we’ve kept on joining forces over the years. It all comes down to personal service and attention to detail. Lots of people say it, but this team is genuinely passionate about helping great clients grow awesome businesses.

What’s your biggest personal achievement?

Raising my kids and watching them have their own families. It’s truly a joy to have adult children you love to be with. I’m also a breast cancer survivor; 6+ years and counting!

CRM Teresa White
Teresa White customer relationship manager

What about professional wins?

From online retail to business coaching and all kinds of things in between, I’ve started, grown, and sold several successful businesses throughout my career. Through coaching and client service, I’ve also had the honor of helping others to do the same.

What’s a new skill you would like to learn? How do you want to grow?

I’d like to be a better storyteller when it comes to public speaking. I don’t get nervous or choke up in front of a crowd… it’s the opposite! I just get so excited about whatever I’m talking about that I tend to say everything all at once. I’d like to improve my presentation and speaking skills overall.

What surprises people about you?

That I’m “Glamma” to two amazing little girls. I highly recommend grandparenting – It’s my favorite job in the world! Those little love bugs light up my life in so many ways.

If you had to pick a different career–any career– what would it be?

I’ve always thought it would be amazing to be a big-time philanthropist; unfortunately, that usually requires exceptional personal wealth. So maybe managing someone’s philanthropic fund and giving unlimited piles of money to great causes!

What’s in your work bag right now?

I’ve got my laptop, charger, ipad, apple pencil, Kindle, battery backup, paper calendar, erasable pens, pencils, tissues, hand sanitizer, Advil, emergency kit, to-go cutlery, chapstick, hand cream, safety pins, masks, hair bands, and so much more. What do you need? Gimme three seconds, I’ll find it.

What’s the most important piece of professional/ career advice you’ve ever received?

You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

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