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Sell smarter with a custom WooCommerce website for your Nashville business 

Elevate your eCommerce Game with WooCommerce

Looking for a smart, streamlined and easy-to-use eCommerce solution that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website? Let us introduce you to WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce is an open source, free to install eCommerce platform designed and developed by WordPress to help businesses sell their services and products online. With over 6.5 million eCommerce websites currently operating on the WooCommerce platform, utilizing its full suite of inbuilt features as well as extending its capabilities via plugins and add-ons, the possibilities for your online store are endless. 


Why WooCommerce for Your Nashville Business? 

At Muletown Digital, we specialize in the design, development and customization of WooCommerce Websites for Nashville businesses. Why do we love it so much? Let’s break it down. 

WooCommerce is a highly flexible and adaptable platform for businesses of all sizes. No matter whether you’re running a small local business or a large international ecommerce operation, WooCommerce can be scaled to meet your needs.

WooCommerce plugs directly into your WordPress website, removing the need to manage your store through a separate application. The user interface is familiar so there’s no steep learning curve and because WooCommerce is designed specifically for the WordPress platform there are no issues with compatibility or conflicts.

WordPress (and WooCommerce as part of it) is an open-source community, meaning that users all over the world can contribute plugins and themes creating an extensive repository of resources. No matter what customization or specific functionality your Nashville business needs, WooCommerce has a solution to make it a reality. 

WooCommerce not only helps you sell products or services online, it also provides tools to manage product inventory, sales and promotions, shipping and delivery, payments, customer communications and more making it a fully integrated eCommerce solution.

Our WooCommerce Design Services

Custom WooCommerce Design 

Your eCommerce store should be as unique as your business. We design custom WooCommerce websites that perfectly reflect your brand and make sure your products and services integrate with your overall messaging. Our WooCommerce sites are designed with clear and easy navigation, effective calls to action (CTAs) and well presented product and category content to enhance user experience and increase sales.

Responsive WooCommerce Themes 

Customers shopping on the go? No problem! Our WooCommerce themes are responsive and mobile friendly so your customers can browse and buy from you on any device, anytime, anywhere. Mobile friendly design is also a key factor in making sure your website is search engine friendly so your customers can easily find you when searching for products on Google.

WooCommerce SEO Optimization 

SEO is one of the most important tools you have for increasing sales, ensuring that customers searching for your products and services can find you. Our WooCommerce websites are optimized for SEO, helping your business increase visibility in search results, drive more sales and increase conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The design and operation of your WooCommerce store should actively support and encourage your customers to purchase.   Our designs integrate proven CRO principles including CTA buttons, simple and user-friendly checkout design, easy payment options and clear product information, taking your customers from browsing to buying.

Ready to Increase Your Online Revenue With WooCommerce? 

WooCommerce Features and Functionality

WooCommerce is one of the most advanced eCommerce platform options when it comes to flexibility and customization. It has a robust inbuilt library of features and an extensive offering of add-on functionality options. 

WooCommerce supports popular payment gateway integration, including services such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square, as well as credit card payments. It also offers plugins that cater for integration with major banking services providing the options for connecting and processing payments directly via your existing business bank accounts. 

Efficient product management is crucial for any online store, and WooCommerce makes it easy. The platform enables you to list unlimited products and categories as well as managing and tracking stock levels, orders, and notifications for low or out-of-stock items. 

WooCommerce allows businesses to create products with recurring payments or memberships, increasing the opportunity for ongoing revenue. This functionality is ideal for selling tailored membership programs and levels, online courses, and recurring services, providing businesses with consistent revenue streams.

Perfect for those offering time-and-date based appointments, reservations, events or rentals. This feature simplifies the management of booking availability, and can handle all types of bookings, whether they are for individuals or large groups, making it a versatile choice for businesses like hotels, agencies, and event coordinators.

WooCommerce is just not limited to physical goods, it also supports the sale of virtual products, such as e-books, digital music, and online courses. Selling virtual products opens up a range of opportunities for business owners while also eliminating shipping costs and complications, allowing customers to download their purchases directly from the store. 

Local shipping options in WooCommerce make it ideal for Nashville business owners trading primarily in their local area. With features including shipping zones, region-based shipping rates, local pickup options and integration with local shipping carriers ensure that customers receive their purchases quickly and affordably, increasing customer satisfaction. 


Our WooCommerce Web Design Process


Initial Research 

We kick off by reviewing your project and discussing your vision over a call. This phase is all about understanding your niche and competitors, which helps us formulate a strategic project roadmap uniquely tailored to your needs.


Blueprint Development 

Once we’ve determined and approved the initial roadmap, our focus shifts to strategizing your site's content and structure. We'll consider who your customers are, what your brand stands for and what you want to say. This then forms the foundation for your site's architecture and initial content strategy.


Building a Mock-Up

Think of this step as drafting the architectural sketch for your website. We use your actual content to construct a clickable mock-up, providing you with a visual to interact with. This allows you to get a feel for how your WooCommerce site will function and provide any feedback before we start building. 


Visual Identity and Design

This stage shapes the visual direction of your site. We refine everything that visually defines your business, from the colour palette and typography to logo and detailed graphic elements. 


Building your WooCommerce Website

Now that we have everything in line, we move into the final build of your online store. We utilize WooCommerce’s extensive functionality to build an optimized and responsive eCommerce website, reflective of your unique business needs. 


Go Live 

After your final approval, it's time to launch. We take care of all the details, ensuring your site launches smoothly and starts connecting with customers and selling without missing a beat.


Digital Marketing

Launching your site is just the beginning. We next create a dynamic marketing strategy to capture and convert your audience. Combining SEO, paid ads, and targeted campaigns, we make sure your site starts strong and stays relevant.


Ongoing Success 

To maximize your site’s potential, we continuously track its performance and update our strategies. This ongoing process helps us adapt to changes, increase conversions and ensure that your site exceeds your business objectives.

Our eCommerce Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

Choose Us for WooCommerce Web Design in Nashville? 

Local Expertise

We’ve worked with local Nashville businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them achieve their eCommerce goals. Not only do we know the local market like the back of our hands, we’re passionate about helping homegrown business owners grow. 

Personalized Service

One of the key things that sets us apart from other Nashville web design agencies is our commitment to working side by side with our clients. We keep you in the loop throughout the whole process, actively taking your feedback on board to build a website you love.

In-Depth Knowledge 

Our team of web designers and developers have been working with WooCommerce for decades. We actively keep up with the latest tools and developments, so you get the benefit of our wealth of experience and the freshest eCommerce trends and technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The core WooCommerce platform and its inbuilt features are free to download and install on your WordPress website, with no ongoing costs involved. Additional WooCommerce plugins can be either free, premium or subscription, with paid plugins usually required for advanced functionality.  

Yes, WooCommerce, when combined with a quality hosting package can efficiently manage eCommerce stores with high traffic volumes and large transaction numbers. 

WooCommerce can easily handle international sales if your business trades globally. It includes options for currency conversion, multilingual content, and international shipping configurations. 

WooCommerce is a highly secure platform, and our build process includes integration of security measures such as SSL certificates and secure payment gateways. We do strongly recommend a maintenance package to ensure that your site is regularly updated and monitored to maintain ongoing security. 

In many cases, yes, most third-party sales management systems can be integrated with WooCommerce via plugins or API integration. We’ll discuss this with you during our initial research stage and find a solution that doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel. 

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