4 Hidden Benefits of Having the Right Typography for Your Website

4 Hidden Benefits of Having the Right Typography for Your Website

Websites are a combination of many things: color palettes, imagery, typography, technology, animation, and much more. Each of these plays a crucial role in making sure your visitors interact with your website. Today we are going to talk about how important typography is, and how having the right font for your website can give unlock the hidden benefits.

Let’s start with a little vocabulary…

What is typography?

Typography is comprised of font choice, font layout, font hierarchy, and font color. It’s the art of making all of those pieces work together seamlessly. Typography interacts with its surroundings (images, colors, and buttons), as well as itself as a whole. It is more than choosing the prettiest or coolest looking font to represent your brand.

When you have the right typography you can see yourself benefiting from attracting the correct clients, decreased bounce rates, more user interaction, and brand recognition.

Here are 4 hidden benefits of having the right typography for your website.

1. Attracts the Right Kind of Clients

Having the right typography for your website plays a large part in attracting people and most importantly your target audience. If you focus on getting the correct choice of color, font, and text size that fits your audience, it can keep them engaged and ultimately to work with you. For example, if your target audience is hard-working CEO’s, they would resonate more with enticing (but not overly vibrant) colors, simple font choices, and a good hierarchy of fonts.

See a use of this example below:

Typography CEO Examples
Music City CEOS needed a professional look with enticing colors.

2. Holds the Audience's Attention & Decreases Bounce Rates

You may have heard of the term bounce rate before, but in case you haven’t a bounce rate measures the amount of people that come to your site and do absolutely nothing before leaving the site. Good typography will be the difference between having a 70% bounce rate (bad) and a 23% (great) bounce rate. In order to attract users to your content it needs to be visually stimulating, and having the right typography plays a huge part in holding your audience’s attention.

3. Takes Your User on a Pre-determined Journey

Have you ever gotten to a website and been unsure of where to go next? Don’t worry, us too! It is your website’s job to lead the user, not the other way around. Engaging typography is choosing purposeful font sizes, font colors, and font choices to create information hierarchy. Typography can affect how readers digest your content and ultimately how they interact with it.

For example, this section now seems much more important to you because it’s larger, bolder and purple! Got ya!

Then because we got your attention you are now reading this, but most likely when you close this article you will remember the 4 benefits, because those are the largest, boldest pieces on purpose.

4. Keeps Your Brand & Its Personality Front of Mind

Having a consistent brand typography across the web and print always benefits your brand recognition. If you follow a pattern on using fonts, colors, and sizes and present your site with some rhythm, it adds a great value to your brand. The right typography will enhance your website’s personality, but will also continue to put your brand’s personality front of mind. Part of your brands typography can be determined when you create a styleguide that includes fonts, colors, and sizes.

Here’s a sneak peak at Muletown Digitals styleguide!

Branding Style Guide

Now that you have 4 hidden benefits…

You may have guessed that there are actually many more benefits of having the right typography for your website, but these 4 have stuck out the most when it comes to having success. Typography is one of many things that will start to set your website apart from your competitors.

Here at Muletown Digital we are sure to focus on everything that will make your website and your business stand out above your competitors. To see how we approach websites take a look at our process!

As always contact us if you have any questions!

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