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A Website Makes It Real

Today on the Muletown Minute, I’m talking about a Squarespace ad that says a website makes it real.

So the other day I’m in Facebook, you know, doing my usual stalling, while I don’t want to do my work and while I’m in there looking, I see an ad for Squarespace and says in big, bold letters “You know, a website makes it real.”

Here’s the issue that is sort of true. But what is it making real? Is that make your business real?

Like does having a website make your business legitimate? Not really. Right. Because anybody can go on Squarespace or anywhere and throw up a website. The whole thing with that that drives me crazy is that that’s not making it real, they could alter that statement and say a website with a proper brand, proper copy and traffic makes it real. That would actually be a fair statement. The problem is they’re not selling anybody any of those things. All they’re selling is a cheap platform to throw a website online.

So my issue with that ad and my cautionary to everyone out there that falls for those kinds of ads is it is sort of, again, partially true what they’re saying, but they’re missing the whole entire part of it where you actually have to do work to build your business. So don’t fall for those ads.

A website is a huge and important piece of your business, but it’s not the only piece. And having it will not all of a sudden magically make your business money. You don’t launch a site and wave your wand and have five thousand visitors and sell twenty thousand of your products or get forty-five phone calls next month because your websites there, it does not work like that. I’ve never seen it work like that. So don’t fall for that junk.

Make sure that you have a proper agency that you’re working on your website properly because it can be a massive, massive impact in your business if you’ll let it do the work that it needs to do.

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