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How many pages do you need to effectively capture leads on your website?

Every time I get to lead with a question, I feel like I’m playing Family Feud. We’ve surveyed the top 100 customers in your market… and the answer is…

You only need 3 pages to engage and capture leads on your website properly.

After years of building massive websites that still have hundreds of pages each, I had this ah-ha moment when working with one of our corporate clients. We were developing a slew of pages to add to their website, and I was busy looking at analytics data. It was surprising for me to see that their homepage had about 90% of their website traffic.

The rest of their website traffic consolidated on their “Book a Consultation” page. From there, the rest of the site had little traffic. So guess what we did? We removed a bunch of internal navigation and focused on that homepage > booking > success combo of pages. What happened? You guessed it, increased conversion.

Capturing Leads Online Magnet

So I only need 3 pages on my website to capture and convert leads? Forever?

It’s important to note here that in the long game for your website, you need more than these 3 pages if you want to drive traffic into your site. So why did we see the results above? Because most users that entered into a subpage ended up clicking on their logo to go home. Why? They couldn’t understand the internal pages without context. So they went back to the beginning.

When the 3-page “microsite” as we call it was perfected, their conversion shot through the roof – they got a lot of booking requests. Their users (no matter how they got into the site) could understand what this company was offering within a few seconds of being on the homepage. Then everything else just started working better and better.

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The 3 pages you need to capture leads on your website and convert traffic.

Optimized and Purposeful Homepage

The homepage on your website is absolutely critical. You have between 10-15 seconds to tell people who your business is, what it does, why they need to have it, and how they can get it. Your homepage needs to tell an engaging story. On a 3-page microsite, it also needs to describe the most important details of your products or services. Your homepage’s main job is to engage your visitors, educate them, and allow a straightforward passage into contacting you.

Easy-to-use Contact or Booking Page

Once the homepage has done the appropriate job, you’ll be driving traffic into a VERY easy to use contact page. We highly recommend building a contact form with fields that are very easy to understand. 

For most clients, the idea is to make this as simple as humanly possible. We call it creating a low barrier of entry. If you ask too many questions, people might abandon it. Get what information you need from them like their name, email, phone number, and some details. Then move quickly to the next step.

If you’re offering a high-ticket item, like building an entire house for someone, the process is slightly different. There are some additional steps to note here, but for most service-based businesses, the above works perfectly!

Success Page with a Clear Message

If you’ve gotten a client interested, and they’ve done their part by reaching out, this page is fairly crucial. You tell them what is going to happen next. Are you going to call your client within one business day? Do they need to book a call with you via another form? Are you going to do something else for them and then reach out via email? They need to know exactly what happens next.

You can also provide additional information on this page, like a video or testimonials, to get them excited about hearing from you. There are 100 ways to do this, but this page, which seems so small, is very significant. 

If this works so well, why even have a full website then?

This is the main question we get when talking about our Lead Machine product. You eventually really should have a full website. The problem with most full sites is that they spend so much time trying to get everything done, that the main components are not done correctly.

At Muletown Digital, we strip back everything and start with what is most likely to work in your favor. Don’t get me wrong, for SEO and Online Visibility, the rest of your website is crucial. But it doesn’t do any good for you if the users you get to your website leave before they see those internal pages 

Muletown Digital Lead Machine

The Secrets to why a Microsite works

With a product like Lead Machine, there are some secrets that we’re taking advantage of, and I’m going to tell you what they are.

  1. We start by focusing on the 3 pages you need. If you have a full website already, that’s awesome; we’ll get back to that when the combo is set up for a full Mike Tyson knockout punch.
  2. Google and Bing LOVE websites that continuously change. Not a few words here and there – a lot. By starting here, you have room to grow your website. Guess what, and it’s not just the search engines that love this, users do as well. Start by casting a small net, then grow the net as your business grows. It works, trust us.
  3. Behind the scenes, we can see what drives a user to click your Contact or Booking button, and we can see how many people that land on that page complete the action. This is important to understand what your users are looking for and also what they aren’t.
  4. Getting them through the contact process not only connects you to your potential new client, but it gets you their email address. Once you have that email you might think about sending them happy client testimonials, or more information about your process. You prep them for your call and set yourself up for success.
  5. Most people adjust their websites based on what they think their clients need. Feelings are great, but they are super deceptive. You might think your clients search by looking for a “new roof” when they are actually looking for “metal roof replacement.” Knowing that information removes the feelings and makes your additions based on data.
  6. Your website grows with your business and your leads. Imagine that. You don’t spend $20k on branding and a website only to find out that your keywords don’t work very well. In Lead Machine, we remove that problem by checking before we do things to your site. Plus, you get all the benefits of running SEO right out of the gate.

Is a 3 Page Microsite like Lead Machine right for everyone?

Muletown Digital’s Lead Machine works best…

If you answer any of these questions with “yes” – then Lead Machine might be an excellent solution for your business.

  • Does your business rely on leads that are generated via your website?
  • Does your client need to talk to, email with, or book an appointment to see you?
  • Would you like a strategically-based solution that not only builds your site but drives traffic to it?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of traffic or contacts coming from your current website?
  • Do you struggle to get in front of your ideal customers in the digital space?
  • Does Digital Marketing overwhelm you?
  • Are you looking for a website that actually works for you?

Here are some excellent business categories that work really well with Lead Machine.

Roofers, Plumbers, Pest Control, Home Inspection, Automotive Repair, General Contractors, Industrial Manufacturing, Hair and Nail Salons, Veterinary Clinics, Investment Groups, Job Recruiters, and more.

Is Lead Machine a good fit for your business?


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