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Are you communicating effectively with your customers during this difficult time in our world (and our businesses)?

Here are some great ways that you can reach out to your clients and customers to give them status updates about your business:

1. Utilize Google My Business Posts

To communicate broadly and quickly you can post, as well as update your hours of operation for local public searches.

Google My Business - Communication with Clients during COVID-19

2. Write a Blog or Press Release

To hit a large pool of clients quickly in your network, you can write and post it on your website. Then, drive people to the article from your homepage. You can also point social media posts to this link and update the release as needed.

3. Add Banners or Pop-ups

These are perfect for a quick message and update on your website.

4. Private Landing Page

For certain types of clients that need very specific information, you can do a private landing page on your site just for those clients and communicate a specific message.

5. Send a Targeted e-Blast

Use your client database or CRM by using tags or segments, and target them with specific messages. To take it a step further, create a landing page on your site and send your email with tidbits, giving the full details on your landing page.

Any combination of these communication tools can be used depending on who the message needs to go to, and what the message is trying to communicate.


For many local businesses in the brick and mortar space, this horrible event is eye-opening in the fact we have to protect our businesses from a catastrophic event. We are seeing a very large spike in physical stores moving to e-Commerce. Many are only selling select products that way, but it is helping them keep their stores in business while they are closed down.

We have your back!

We are thinking about you and your customers during this difficult time. We are offering a FREE 30-minute call to discuss ways to communicate effectively with your customers. We want to help, so if our team can provide guidance for you to handle the current situation, we are 100% glad to do it. Schedule your FREE 30-Minute Strategy Call with our Growth Director, Kaelin Hanks.

We pray for your families and businesses during this time and look forward to serving our community however we can!

Thank you!


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