6 Reasons to Use WordPress for your Business Website

Why Should You Use WordPress for your Business Website

If you’ll allow, let me take you back in time to a place where the NSYNC was popular, the iPod was released and you could store about 40 songs on there, flip-flops were all the rage, and websites were mostly done without a content management system.

When I started programming, WordPress has really just started to become popular. We were still building custom database systems driven by PHP and MySQL or Ruby on Rails. Every time a client wanted a change on their website we were in there just coding away.

Since then, with the invention of many different CMS’s (content management systems) the world of the internet changed. There are many reasons why our web design agency has chosen over the years to build websites in WordPress, today we’ll share some of the most crucial of those reasons and hopefully help educate you about why using WordPress provides such a huge business advantage.

easy to use cms system

Easy to use CMS System

The way that our team builds sites on WordPress you really do get the best all-around setup. So what makes something that’s easy to use?

Easy to make quick updates are changes
Easy to add sections, change sections, or remove sections from your website
Easy for Search Engine Optimization Updates or PPC campaign landing page updates
Easy to extend functionality without having to spend a lot of money on development.

WordPress is honestly just plain easy all the way around. Now, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to build WordPress sites. Purchasing a theme (or worse, getting a free one) is almost always the wrong way! We build our WordPress sites using a combination of tools that allow for the website to be easy to edit, blazing-fast, SEO-friendly, and all with a completely custom design. You should never settle for less than that if you’re planning for your website to drive ROI into your business!

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WordPress Design is SUPER Flexible

The way that our team works with WordPress, we also build to the design and not the other way around. That means that the website can take any shape it needs to from a design perspective, making it endlessly flexible. You have basically let the website do exactly what it needs to do without having limits. We like to be creative around here, and most businesses need a creative website (something that looks awesome), but you also want to be able to make changes quickly. That’s where the flexibility here really helps you get a HUGE win as a business owner!


WordPress is SEO-Friendly

I’ll say this maybe 500 times per year on calls, but while most people do really need a new website design, what everyone is typically actually looking for is the benefit of that website, which usually looks something like new leads, phone calls, appointments, sales, etc. To get those things – you need an awesome site – but you also need website traffic.

By nature, WordPress is set up to deliver an amazing on-site position for your users. By proxy, that same amazing structure in the background works amazingly well for on-site and technical SEO benefits. WordPress can automatically update your sitemap, fix missing page errors with redirects, check your crawl-ability, all of the things that make Google (and your users) happy happen out of the box with WordPress. When customized, it’s just a massively powerful tool!


Plugins for WordPress are amazing

Remember that story I told about when dinosaurs roamed the earth, sorry, when websites were built to be static? 😉 Back in the day if you wanted functions you had to design and build them. It was expensive and web development costs have really not gone down all that much in the last few years.

WordPress plugins save us SO much time – by allowing us to bold functionality onto the website without having to do anything new or really build anything new. Not that we won’t have to set them up and customize them, but we don’t have to engineer everything. From SEO plugins to form builders to speed optimization, there are custom plugins out there on the marketplace from FREE to Premium that will all do these types of things for you!


WordPress Powers almost 40% of the internet

That’s right – 40% of websites on the internet right now are powered by WordPress. Squarespace (often asked about by many of our potential clients) powers less than 2%. Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Wix, and others all fall down in that 1-2% area. This can and should tell us all something. It’s not a mistake that WordPress is a giant in the marketplace.

When you think about the benefits of this, it means that there is such a huge demand, and they are making so much money, the platform will continue to evolve. There are even “headless” solutions that allow for WordPress to be used in very high-level enterprise website situations.

WordPress is Open Source

In programming terms, Open Source refers to any software that is FREE to use on the market. That’s usually coupled with the understanding that there are hundreds of developers that are working to continue the software and make it better. In the case of WordPress, I’m sure there are thousands at this point.

What that means for your business is that the software running your website is constantly updated. That keeps it on-trend for many modern web advances, safe and secure with patches released monthly at a minimum and continues to evolve. Software that doesn’t move forward is dying, with WordPress their ability to constantly make it better keeps us using it day in and day out!

Not All WordPress Builds are the same!
One thing to remember is that not every WordPress website design or build is made the same. Many agencies will purchase themes on the marketplace and customize them. This leads to massive amounts of bloat and broken items. Other places will overbuild themes that require a developer to do work every time you want to change something. This is good for speed but really bad for making it easy for your site to continue to grow with your business.

We’ve found an amazing middle ground which you can see in all of the work that we do! The end goal is to make your website easy to edit, but still, allow it to function efficiently.

Final Thoughts

We have been using WordPress for over 10 years now and have built countless websites using this amazing platform. If you’re not sure if WordPress is right for you and your business, book in a chat with our team, and we’ll talk through your needs to see if a WP site is right for you and your business. Hiring the right team can make all the difference between having a website that provides a positive impact and ROI in your business, and one that is just a lost cost. We would love to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your business!

PS – if you’re in need of WordPress Maintenance to an existing website – we’ve got your covered! Hop over here to see how we can help!

Happy Website-ing!

Adam Silverman

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