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What are backlinks and do I need them?

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The question for today is “I have heard of backlinks, do I need those?”

So backlinks are a whole lot like baby back ribs, you probably want them and you want them to be good, so get them from a, you know, a good restaurant. But seriously, you want backlinks into your site.

Backlinks are other businesses and other entities that link into important content on your site, whether it’s a blog post or service page or home page and about page doesn’t matter, but it’s them linking their site into your site. And what that link does for most providers is it carries the authority from this link over here into your website.

So if your website is struggling with getting traffic, a lot of the time, it’s because you don’t have any authoritative backlinks pointing into your site, so say you’re a member of the Better Business Bureau. You should make sure that the BBB has a link to your site in the profile, because when people click that they’re 100 out of 100 authority gets signaled into your site and Google registers those and decides who gets ranked by authority. A lot of times.

The only sort of caveat to this whole thing is if your website is not structured well or you don’t have the right keywords
on your site or you don’t have good security or speed, those backlinks don’t help you very much. So it’s very difficult and time-consuming to get the right backlinks into your site. But if you’re not structured appropriately out of the gate, they provide diminishing value to you.

So the truth is they are important and they are one component of very many components that go into driving a successful SEO campaign for your business.

So if you’re not sure about backlinks, we’ll I’ll say this first of all, do not buy them offline. If you go onto a website and search for buy backlinks and you’re able to buy them 99% percent of the time, that is going to equate to bad spamming backlinks and bad traffic. So don’t buy backlinks. Do not do it.

Get someone who’s qualified to help you get the right kind of backlinks. But before you even do that, make sure your structured right or you will waste a lot of time and money building a backlinking campaign
that doesn’t prove any ROI.

If you don’t know what to do with your SEO, reach out to us so we can run our SEO Track Builder.

It’s a highly effective way to determine what you need for your business and how to go about blueprinting a way to get that for you. So it’s like an analysis and a mapping that shows us how to drive the right kind of traffic to your business.

Definitely get backlinks, but don’t buy spammy ones or you will pay for it more than one time.

Let us know if you need anything!

We look forward to talking to you.

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