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Everything you need to create with clay.

Solution: A brand new ecommerce website design to stand out against competitors and provide an easy way to shop online.

"Not only does the Muletown Digital team know what they are doing – they take the time to know about you and your business so they can create the most effective website possible! They are quick to respond to any communication, any concern, or any opportunity to evolve your brand. I have gone through 6 website builds in my 40-year career as The Clay Lady and this is the best experience that I have ever had, hands down! I am so impressed with their friendly professionalism and systems – I will never change the hosting for my multiple sites from Muletown Digital!"

- Danielle McDaniels, Mid South Ceramics

A way to educate all users and potential clients.


We designed a new website with brand recognition and ease of navigation in mind.


An easy to navigate online shopping area.


We created a well designed UI/UX experience using product imagery and brand colors.


Showcase Mid South brands.


We designed individual landing pages for the brands Mid South owns.

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