James K Polk Home and Museum Design and Build
James K Polk Home & Museum

Preserving a piece of history in Downtown Columbia.

Solution: A new website to uplift their online presence, as well as show events, exhibits, education, collections, and more.

Website for Attraction James K Polk Museum - Desktop View
Website for Attraction James K Polk Museum - Mobile View
Website for Attraction James K Polk Museum - Tablet View

"The full team at Muletown Digital took the time to grasp both our practical needs for our site's functionality and the vision for our organization that we wanted to communicate through it--and they delivered beautifully on both. The process was streamlined and efficient and they were extremely professional and friendly to work with. I'm very happy we were able to work locally for redeveloping our decade-old website and even happier to have found great partners for maintaining and evolving our web presence going forward."

- Candice Candeto
Website for Attraction James K Polk Museum - Home Page

An update to the entire website to the current design and web standards.


We did an entire overhaul of the website. We used a slightly adjusted color palette, new photography, and new layouts. We focused on making sure this website was accessible to every generation, therefore it is now responsive, easy to read, and easy to navigate.

Visit the James. K Polk Website New User Experience / Website Design

An easy way to find open dates, prices, and location.


We have hours, directions, and contact information in the footer of the site and sprinkled throughout pages. We also have an entire VISIT page that brings all of this information to one page that can help a future visitor find their way.

Website for Attraction James K Polk Museum - Educators Page

An easy to access educational resources area.


Education is a big part in the Polk Home’s success and we captured that by creating an entire section of the website dedicated to education. This section features field trips, at home resources, traveling classrooms, and lesson plans. It also has a place for families and shows the options of camps that happen throughout the year.

Website for Attraction James K Polk Museum - Exhibits Page

A way to show events, blog articles, and new exhibits.


We created a catch-all “blog” section that lets you filter between Events, Exhibits, News, History Articles and more. The events also show up on their own event page, to reiterate and make sure no one misses the next thing that’s happening at the Polk home.

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