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Melon 1

We love melons! These guys are the biggest and the best in the business.

Solution: A website to help them look like largest watermelon grower, packer, and shipper in the U.S.

Agriculture and Farm Produce Website Desktop Example
Agriculture and Farm Produce Website Mobile Example
Website Icon Set

"We had no idea so many people wanted to contact us! We’ve received so much praise, complaints, people who want to haul our watermelons, etc. over the past few days! It’s actually incredible!"

- - Rachel Syngo (New Business Development)
Agriculture and Farm Produce Contact Form Example

Melon 1 needed an easy way for stores to contact them through the site.


Numerous "Contact Us" CTAs were added throughout the site. On mobile devices you can easily call through your phone from the site.

Agriculture and Farm Produce - How To Guide

They needed to standout from the crowd as the “Chiquita of Watermelons”.


We designed with big and beautiful images, motion effects, page transitions, and other sophisticated elements to help them stand out.

Agriculture and Farm Produce - Meet Our Famers Example

Showoff their growers


Since they take such pride in their growers, it made sense to feature each of their famers with a custom post type in Wordpress. This nice card layout looks awesome and truly features their people.

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