Prather Metalworks Website Design, Build and SEO
Prather Metalworks

Providing excellent Metalwork Services in Middle Tennessee.

Solution: An online presence that captures Prather Metalworks brand and their services.

"Not that case with Adam Silverman. He's always been able to deliver beyond my expectations. Thanks for all the great work you've done for me over the, uh...decades."

- Kyle Dreier

A landing page to be developed into a full website. View Full Website Here.


We started Prather Metalworks as a landing page that covered who they are and what they do. Our SEO efforts quickly turned that landing page into a full-fledged branded website. The landing page transformed into a well-designed easy navigable homepage.


A place to go into detail about services.


We created services pages for each major service. Each of these pages list out the individual options underneath that service and create opportunities for the future client to get in touch.


The right kinds of traffic and visitors.


By running our SEO campaign, and doing the proper legwork on the services pages on the website we’ve been able to move ranking from +100 to ranking #1 in their service area for several key services. We can’t wait to see how this continues to develop over time!

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