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Stone + Steel Creative

Brand strategy & design for non-profit organizations.

Solution: A new website to showcase portfolio work, new workshops, services, and hold up the brand standards.

Websites and Branding Nashville, TN - Desktop Homepage
Websites and Branding Nashville, TN - iPad View
Websites and Branding Nashville, TN - Mobile View

"I really really love working with them. SUPER professional and always positive."

- Stephanie Simkin
Websites and Branding Nashville, TN - Homepage Examples

An overhaul of design across the entire website, and a stunning homepage.


We created a custom homepage that highlights Stone + Steel Creative’s mission, showcases their work, and uses their brand identity in eye-catching ways.

Websites and Branding Nashville, TN - Portfolio Page

An easy-to-navigate portfolio section.


A portfolio page organized with filtering that allows you to click on an individual piece of work and dive further into a case study.

Websites and Branding Nashville, TN Workshops

A place to show workshops.


A simple workshops page that shows group offerings, individual offerings, and speaking engagements.

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