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Google Proximity Update

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I want to talk a little bit about the most recent Google algorithm change.

So very, very recently, Google has released a new algorithm change
that really impacts SEO results and how your business shows up on Google search engine.

When people are looking for your products or services. The big thing that they changed is they’ve altered how they do ranking based on the searchers vicinity or proximity to your business.

So the update has been nicknamed the “proximity” or “vicinity” update.

And the idea basically is that before a high authority website,

let’s pretend this is an attorney and let’s say it’s in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you were in Nashville or Franklin or Brentwood or any surrounding area and you search for this lawyer, right, or you search for auto injury lawyer or whatever it is, you would likely find this one attorney because they were holding ranking for that in Nashville.

And so the surrounding areas, it kind of spilled in.

Well, what’s happened now is Google has changed.

So that if I was searching for that attorney, but I happened to be outside of Nashville, I’m probably going to get an attorney that’s closer to where my phone or device is actually at.

Thus the proximity or vicinity change. So what that did was it changed so that where you are in relationship to your customers, particularly for local searches.

This has a pretty huge impact because if you’ve never focused in on local SEO, what’s going to happen?

If you were ranking, there’s a pretty good chance that you might not be.

And if you weren’t able to rank before, there’s a pretty good chance that you might be able to rank, particularly with people looking in a very specific search area.

So all of our search engine tools and everything that we’re using at Muletown Digital and our sister company Digital Edge, all these tools are now showing that we have this kind of vicinity change where basically the closer that user is to you, if you’ve got good SEO, you’re likely to rank number one, number two in that map pack, which can turn into huge foot traffic or just phone calls, emails.

I mean, it can be a game changer for your business.

So the proximity update gives small businesses and larger local businesses a really good chance at ranking, particularly in their service area.

So if you have never looked at local SEO, it’s a very good time to do it.

We’ve had a couple of clients jump in almost immediately here right now because this is such a big opportunity on the table for businesses that have a specific location that they serve and their business has a physical location, it’s open doors for ranking that potentially were not there before.

So the proximity or vicinity update is very important for small to large local businesses.

If you’re not doing it, you should be.

If you’re looking for help, please reach out.

Let us know at and I look forward to speaking with you.

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