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What is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO?

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If you have ever looked at running a search engine optimization or SEO campaign, you’ve probably started hearing terms like white hat SEO and black hat SEO. And people get really confused about how all of this works at SEO.

And SEO is a bit of a bit of a concept and a strategy more than it is executable tasks.

So people usually get really confused when you’re looking at these things, but I will explain quickly that black hat SEO is bad. And the reason it’s bad is because SEO companies will utilize things like spamming or junk back links. They will put code in your site that’s hidden from the users, but it’s there for Google to see. They will, you know, just beraid your site with keyword bloat and all these things that get you a boost in ranking immediately. But what happens over time is your ranking shoots up and then it just completely falls off as fast as it went up.

And the reason why a lot of agencies do this is because it’s really about how they know how to do SEO and it does produce a quick result. The problem is that result does not last. Why it had SEO is where you focus on good content structure, you focus on blog articles, you focus on good back links, legitimate ones.

You focus on the right keywords, the right navigation you make of user friendly website that also happens to benefit Google. And then you tell Google what you’ve done and they’re like, OK, great, I can now rank this site. So it’s very important to understand
that black hat SEO can also not just damage your SEO,
it can kill an ad campaign.

So if you’re running an ad campaign on Google and you’re paying per click and you’re running a good digital marketing strategy and your SEO team hops in there and does something really off kilter with your SEO, they can shut your ads down because you have bad SEO on your site. So burying things in a hidden table or burying things in the code can often result in your site getting audited by Google and then your ad shut down.

And if your revenue from your business comes off of ads running, you do not want your SEO to kill your ads. So there’s a right way and a wrong way definitely to do SEO. If you’re not sure and you’ve had someone doing a campaign in the past or you’ve never delved into SEO, please reach out to us about our SEO track builder.

We can help you with your website structure, your keywords. We can make a blueprinted plan for you, for your SEO efforts to make sure that you get where you want to go. But don’t fall prey to an SEO team that’s going to run black hat SEO because in the long run it will just kill your ability to get leads through your website and you’ll stop your ad spend. So it’s a really good way to lose your digital marketing all the way around. So avoid Black Hat SEO make sure you know what your SEO team is doing and how they’re doing it and that will allow you to be protected as a business.

Let us know if you need anything.

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Let’s help you plan the next steps for your business. Hope this is helpful.

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