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5 Common website problems
5 Common Website Problems & How To Fix Them

Starting a website may seem as easy as 1…2…3 But it’s not quite that simple….

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Elementor Hack March of 2023
Elementor Hack – March 2023

There is a nasty WordPress hack that occurred over the past day caused by an…

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The True Cost of a Broken Website error 500
The True Cost of a Broken Website

As a business owner or marketing director, sometimes it’s obvious when a website is broken….

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Why you should use Wordpress for your business website
Muletown Minute
Why Should You Use WordPress for your Business Website

If you’ll allow, let me take you back in time to a place where the NSYNC was popular, the iPod was released and you could store about 40 songs on there, flip-flops were all the rage, and websites were mostly done without a content management system.

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Wordpress plugins cause my website to run slowly
Website Myths: Wordpress Plugins Cause My Website to Run Slowly.

The Theory: Wordpress Plugins Cause My Website to Run Slowly. What is a Wordpress Plugin?…

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Premium Themes vs Custom themes vs Builders vs Everything
Premium Themes VS Custom Themes VS Builders VS Everything

So, you’re in the market for a new website. If you’ve been digging around online,…

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