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Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked about our company and services

How much does it cost to build a website?

That’s a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house or buy a car. There are a LOT of different ways to handle website creation. So the honest answer is… it depends on your needs, the scope of your project, and what problems we’re solving for you. If you’re serious about doing a deep dive please fill out our website worksheet to start the process!

How long does a typical website take from start to finish?

Our website process can run anywhere from 4 weeks for a small site up to 16 weeks (our average). We’ve built sites that ran into 20-30 week projects and up - but they were large builds with many different features. The faster you get back with us the faster we can move your project along but we never want to rush as the creative process needs room to develop. When we launch your website we consider that the end of Phase 1, from there, we have the ability to dive even deeper assisting with many post-launch services.

What do you build your sites with?

We tend to build about 90% of our projects on Wordpress. We do not use stock or purchased themes, we build our own. Why you might ask? Well because stock or pre built themes are bloated messes that rarely actually serve your true needs. So we build from one of our own custom templates for your site, it’s one of a kind, like your business. Wordpress is a content management system so you can update your content, it’s very SEO friendly, and it powers a very large portion of business websites currently.

What’s the advantage of a custom site over using Square Space, Wix, Weebly, Duda, etc?

All of the aforementioned products are great products. If you need a quick site on a budget they might be great options for you and your company. Here’s the problem. What they don’t come with is a brain for websites. We spend all of our time digging through websites looking for new and better ways to do things. We strategize, plan, prototype, build everything with purpose. It’s true, you can build a site in 3 hours in Wix, if you have images, content, strategy, know how to use their builder, and everything goes perfectly. It might even serve your needs for a short time. But as your business grows you’ll outgrow the potential of those platforms quickly. So - we always say - they are a starting place - but maybe shouldn’t be the goal.

Do you guys do SEO?

We are definitely not an SEO agency. We however do know a large amount about SEO and have strategic partnerships for SEO consultation. We utilize that on every project that we do, and have ongoing SEO packages that we offer in conjunction with other agencies that focus solely on SEO and Paid Advertising. It’s hard to be the best at everything, we strive to the BEST at creating websites and bring in specialized help to get you the most bang for your buck where needed.

What if I want to write all my own content - is that okay?

The short answer is NO. While many of our clients are actually in marketing and are using our services to build their sites we still insist that we provide the majority of the content and have a content strategist on your project. There are things we can’t make up - like in depth technical information about your services, etc. We always need you to contribute and provide assistance, assets, sales-sheets, and other content, however we always organize and present that content through a content specialist to ensure your story is told, your audience is reached, and your goals are met. The enemy of success is noise and for us to raise your project to the level it needs to be for your success we need to control the content.

Do you use Google Analytics or something to track our users?

Absolutely. We always setup Google Analytics on our own account so that we can track your stats. If you desire to look at the results yourself, or own the account, we can always transfer that account to you. If you’re doing ongoing work with us where you have landing pages, or specific ongoing tracking goals, we run user tracking that allows us to watch users interact with your site and even see where they click and scroll to on your pages (heat-mapping), which can lead to A/B testing and a number of other options as your website and business grow.

Why should we host and maintain our site with Muletown Digital?

Because we’re awesome, duh. :) - in truth - by allowing us to Host and Maintain your website you’re basically protecting your investment. Nobody should spend lots of money building a super-powered website and then let it run at 30% capacity. Shared hosting is the worst thing you can do for converting visitors into users. Also - sites can get hacked - we work very hard to prevent that, but the best part of prevention is daily backups, which we keep. So your site is safe, secure, fast, and lasts a super long time.

How do you handle design and site revisions?

We plan for some revisions, but our process works out that you’re incrementally approving work. We don’t show up one day after weeks of not talking to you and say “here it is - we hope you love it”. You’re approving things in bite-sized pieces so that we’re sure we’re always on target. We absolutely do tweaks but due to the way we handle the process, if we totally miss it, it’s all of our faults, and in the years we’ve been doing this - it’s never happened.

After launch do we continue to work together?

Absolutely yes. We have many post launch options and ways we can continue to help grow and serve your company. As mentioned in the SEO question, we have a partner to assist with SEM and PPC as well as organic SEO and reporting. We can do landing pages, email blasts, blog posts, downloadable lead magnets, etc. Every project is different so we customize this to fit your needs and monthly budget.

Can we update/edit our website after it goes live?

Yes - absolutely. Our designs are specifically built to work in a certain way - so we don’t allow drag-n-drop page edits. If you’re needing that we’re the wrong agency for you to work with. Everything on your site should be well written, be designed appropriately, and be in the right place. We build your sites so you can update the content, but if you need to add a whole new section, we’re hoping you’re talking to us about that and not just running off on your own. The enemy of your business is noise, so if you run around smashing cymbals on your website, you’ll confuse your users and our work will be voided, we try to prevent that while still allowing you to have flexible editing capabilities.

What if we don’t have the budget for a completely custom site? Do you have any other options or alternative suggestions?

We have a semi-custom system built that we call Fast Track. You still need to fill out our WEBSITE WORKSHEET - if you select under $5k as the budget option you’re looking at a semi-custom solution. It’s still very powerful, but it’s built a little differently to save you some money. This is awesome for startups or people with a side-hustle. You still get off the ground looking awesome without all the in depth work it takes to make a custom site.

What makes Muletown Digital different from a branding agency?

We don’t do branding guides. Branding is an entirely different process where you work on your “brand” - your website is really a part of your brand - and we definitely do those well. If you’re in need of a deep-dive in branding we’re happy to recommend some amazing partners that we work with for branding, but Muletown Digital does not provide branding guidelines as part of our process. We’re assuming you already know enough about your company to answer our questions and start the website process.

Will my site work the same in every browser?

Not exactly the same. We don’t hold back on technology due to old browsers. We support all modern browsers - but every browser works slightly differently. So we will enhance your sites for the browsers that can handle it, and progressively drop things off that the older browsers cannot handle. So - we’re about 90% the same from browser to browser - but there are variances and any company that says that can solve that for you would be building you a site that didn’t push any boundaries, we live to make things better!

How often do you typically communicate with us during a project phase?

Frequently. Our project manager Chris will be in fairly constant communication with you. There are times where you interact with different members of our team - but Chris is always involved. If you don’t like Chris you’re a bad fit to work with us - he’s patient and determined to create an incredible outcome for you. He’s also a very nice human being, great character traits and a great person to help you run across the line with confidence.

How large of a project can you handle?

Fairly large. Our team have built sites pushing the six figure mark in both design and technology. We’ve also built very small sites for startups - we’re proud of all the sites that we work on - large and small. If you’re building a SAAS company and need 900 hours of our time, that might be pushing our team, but in general we’ll let you know our capacity up front once we determine the scope of your project. If it's too big for us, don't worry, we have friends :)

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